New Campaign from FilmBreak

12/05/2009 New Campaign from FilmBreak

New Campaign from FilmBreak

Between June 2 and July 4, 2008, a series of charitable commercials drawing attention to discrimination in the labor market will be aired regularly on Czech Television’s chan­nels.

The creative concept comes from the studios of the production company FilmBreak, which also spearheaded production of the whole campaign. The three commercials are directed by FAMU graduate Martin Duda, whose graduation project, I’m Bigger and Better, was nominated for an Oscar for best student film and shortlisted with five other entries. Whether he wins the prestigious award will be decided in Los Angeles on June 7.

The anti-discrimination campaign was conceived and realized on the basis of an order from Gender Studies, a non-profit organization that financed the campaign with support from the European Social Fund and the Czech national budget.

Each of the trio of 30-second commercials depicts a variation of a regular job interview or conversation with HR officers. Three interviewees – a young female job applicant, a male employee asking for maternity leave, and an older female employee – are consecutively interviewed by two HR officers. Each of the commercials then climaxes with their unscrupulous humiliation of the interviewees, which is emphasized by a special effects sequence. The motto of the whole campaign is “Don’t let discrimination happen to you” and prompts viewers to familiarize themselves with their rights as employees and job applicants.

The commercials were made for the Půl na půl – Equal Opportunities for Women and Men project.